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Course Title: GCSE Child Development

Exam Board: WJEC (Written Examination 40%, Research Task, 30% and Child Study 30%)

Link to specification 4290:

Entry Requirements (if appropriate): Not Applicable

Contact: Subject Specialist Mrs H Williamson
Head of Department Mrs K. Rutherford

Course Aims:
Pupils will be given the opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through the:
• Development of knowledge and understanding of human needs within a diverse society.
• Develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant technological and scientific developments within the area of Child Development.
• Develop a critical and analytical approach to decision making and problem-solving in relation to a practical context.
• Examine issues that affect the quality of human life including an appreciation of diversity, evaluate choices and decisions to develop as informed person.

Course Description
This GCSE qualification focuses on both theory and practice, giving learners the opportunity to engage in subject content that is relevant to the working world of Child Care and Health and Social Care.

This course contains the following units; Parenthood; Pregnancy, Diet, Health and care of the child; Development of the child and Support for the parent and child. Assessment is broken down into 3 parts. Written Examination 40%, Research Task, 30% and Child Study 30% - these percentages make up final qualification grade.

Possible Future Career Pathways
Social Work
Primary Teaching
Caring Profession
Nursery Nursing
Skills and Knowledge transferable and are key to the development of adult life.

Ofsted Comments

The school is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners
• Behaviour is good...calm and well-ordered
• pupils are enthused and want to learn
• Exceptional staff commitment
• Senior Leadership of the highest calibre
• Pioneering work
• Significant investment to develop the quality of teaching
• Teaching is motivational
• pupils are making strong gains
• High parental satisfaction
• pupils talk with pride...relationships are positive in lessons and around the school
• The atmosphere for learning and for personal and spiritual growth is outstanding
• A purposeful and forward-looking institution capable of further outstanding growth

Recent Inspections

Congratulations to our pupil, staff, governors and families on two fantastic inspections,

each lasting two days! Ofsted were the first to visit under the New Framework in January this year, closely followed by a SIAS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools). Judged from Good to Outstanding in all categories.:

Most of all, we pride ourselves on being inclusive; a neighbourhood school, open to all. See our new Admissions Policy or simply give us a ring and we’ll show you around.

Mrs. Booth