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Course Title: BTEC: Extended Certificate Health & Social Care

Exam Board: EDEXCEL Exam 25 % 3 units of work 25%

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Entry Requirements (if appropriate): Not Applicable

Contact: Subject Specialist Mrs Williamson
Head of Department Mrs K. Rutherford

Course Aims:
Pupils will be given the opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through the:

Application of theory into practice through a work placement and classroom theory and practice.
Unit 2 Care Values activities in HSC
➢ Explore the care values that underpin current practice in health and social care
➢ Demonstrate the use of care values in selected health and social care contexts
Unit 3 Communication
➢ Describe different forms of alternative communication for different needs, using examples from H&SC.
➢ What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of communication that could be used in one to one and group communication with the different residents?
➢ Explain the verbal, non-verbal and alternative forms of communication used and give a detailed account of the effectiveness of the methods used in both one to one and group communication.
Unit 6 The impact of nutrition on health and well being
➢ Describe the components of a balanced diet, their functions, sources and effects
Protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins A.D.E.K.B.C, minerals iron, calcium, sodium
➢ Describe the effects of an unbalanced diet on GUS and Dena
➢ Compare the effects of a balanced AND an unbalanced diet, giving examples of their causes linked to DENA & GUS
➢ Assess the long-term effects of balanced AND unbalanced diet on both Dena and Gus.
Course Description

This BTEC qualification focuses on both theory and practice, giving learners the opportunity to engage in subject content that is relevant to the working world of Health and Social Care.

Possible Future Career Pathways
Social Work
Primary Teaching
Caring Profession (All ages)
Nursery Nursing
Skills and Knowledge transferable and are key to the development of adult life.