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Parents / Departments / Media Studies

Course Title: Media Studies

Examination Board: AQA

Entry Requirements (if appropriate): Not Applicable

Contact: Mr J MacIntyre

Specification Code: 4810
Exam board website:

Course Aims:

Students will be taught to:

Develop enquiry, critical thinking and decision-making skills through consideration of issues that are important, real and relevant to students and to the world in which they live.

Develop their appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in their daily lives.

  • Develop their practical skills through opportunities for personal engagement and creativity.


  • Understand how to use the key media concepts to analyse media products and their various contexts.


Subject Summary:

  • GCSE Media has an extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice, as well as practical work which integrates theories and concepts. Students have a choice of assignments for production and pre-production and the chance to study across a range of different media. The course offers a variety of opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.


Course Description:

  • You will complete a written examination exploring a topic which changes each year, reflecting an aspect of contemporary Media debate. You will also show an understanding of Media through three assignments under controlled conditions, looking at a range of areas such as Moving Image or Print.


How will I learn?

  • The course offers a mix of theoretical analysis exploring texts and deconstructing their meaning and practical creation. Lessons will be both traditional text-based exploration in a classroom and opportunities to be creative using ICT.