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About / Facilities

Dear Parents/Carers

The Venerable Bede Academy was purpose built in 2002, providing exceptional facilities in all department areas. Since then the school has continued to invest in areas such as Physical Education, with the creation of a state of the art Gym, Trampolines, basketball courts etc. There has also been a large investment into ICT, with the Venerable Bede having very robust and up to date facilities. All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards, digital projectors and computers for staff and students to use.

Staff and students have access to our Virtual Learning Platform which allows access to all files, email, interactive media, video resources and homework. Students are able to access this via any internet enabled device whether it is a Windows Computer, Apple iMac, iPad or Android device. All Multi-Media videos are available 24/7 via our Video Library system. This allows students to watch any of the over 1000 Media videos that are currently in our expanding Library.

Busy, working families can take advantage of our breakfast club. We offer daily breakfast to all our students in the relaxed atmosphere of Bede's Bistro. The earliest breakfast is 7.45am, availability is limited so please do contact the school and speak to our Extended School Co-coordinator for further information

The Venerable Bede Academy has a 660 seat capacity School Hall with a Proscenium stage and professional lighting gantry. This is used for morning worship, school performances and parent’s evenings. There is a purpose built dinning hall called Bede’s Bistro. School meals are produced to the highest standard which can be enjoyed in the relaxed atmosphere while watching and listening to the video screens showing during lunch and break times.




The Art department have two specially designed Art rooms both fully equipment with Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Projector, Audio/Visual equipment and Computers. Digital Cameras and Video Cameras are available for students to use within lessons.


The Venerable Bede Schools English department classrooms all have Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Projector and Audio/Visual equipment. The department also has access to a fully equipment ICT suite with the latest computers and software available. IPads, Digital Cameras and Video Cameras are used by the department within lessons.


The Geography department has access to ICT rooms, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras and iPads to engage students in leaning. Students are able to create videos, documents etc. from the iPads and save them straight into their networked folder which can then be access via any computer within school or at home. There department also has computers in each classroom for students to use during lessons.


The History department have a fully equipment ICT suite boasting the latest computers, Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Projector, and iPads. Specific Apps have been purchased for the department and iPads are now part of an everyday lesson within the department. There department also has computers in each classroom for students to use during lessons.



The Venerable Bede Church of England Academy has Nine purpose-designed ICT suites which are all fully networked with the latest specification computers, Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Projectors and Audio Visual facilities. All of the ICT suites have the latest specification computers and software installed rom latest Microsoft Office suite to Dreamweaver and Photoshop. The ICT suites all have Printers, Digital Cameras and Scanners to assist students in their lessons.


All students study languages in specialist language rooms which are all equipment with Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Projector and Audio/Visual equipment. The Modern Foreign Languages have the use of a fully equipped ICT suite with the latest computers and software. IPads are also used within the department and there are various Apps for students to use. Computers are available in each of these classrooms for students to use within lessons.


The Music department boasts a fully equipped music room with Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Projector and Audio/Visual equipment. Students have access to a full suite of Electronic Keyboards, a recording studio with state of the art recording equipment. Apple iMacs and iPads are available for students to use within lessons and Apps have been purchased such as Garage Band to enable students to work independently within lessons. There are also four purpose built practice rooms, with drums, keyboards, guitars and other musical instruments available.

Physical Education

The Physical Education department has access to an extensive array of resources from indoor facilities to outdoor Football playing fields, Rugby pitches, Netball, Basketball, Tennis courts, Cricket areas and Athletic tracks. The indoor facilities are second to none, which comprise of an extensively equipped Gymnasium featuring full sized Trampolines, Netball, Basketball, football and gymnastic equipment The school also has a fully equipped fitness studio with Running machines, Exercise Bikes, cardio vascular equipment and other Fitness equipment.

Religious Education

The RE Department consists of 3 full-time specialist RE teachers.  There are three dedicated RE classrooms all with colourful displays of key words, level descriptors and students’ work.  One of the classrooms is an ICT-suite where students regularly use the latest programmes to aid their learning (including Wallwisher, Animoto and Prezi).



There are six specially designed Science Laboratory all with Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Projector and Audio Visual equipment. Each Science laboratory has access to scientific equipment and has computers available for students to use within lessons. There is also a Science ICT suite that has the latest computers and science software available for students to use within lessons. Exam laboratory also has computers for students to use during lessons which are equipment with digital microscopes.


The Technology department have two purpose-designed ICT suites which incorporate the latest in graphic design, CAD/CAM and other technology related software packages. The department also boasts a fully equipment Food Technology area, Industry Standard equipment Textiles rooms and specialized workshops incorporating CAD/CAM machines, hand tools and other equipment.

Ofsted Comments

The school is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners
• Behaviour is good...calm and well-ordered
• Students are enthused and want to learn
• Exceptional staff commitment
• Senior Leadership of the highest calibre
• Pioneering work
• Significant investment to develop the quality of teaching
• Teaching is motivational
• Students are making strong gains
• High parental satisfaction
• Students talk with pride...relationships are positive in lessons and around the school
• The atmosphere for learning and for personal and spiritual growth is outstanding
• A purposeful and forward-looking institution capable of further outstanding growth

Recent Inspections

Congratulations to our students, staff, governors and families on two fantastic inspections,

each lasting two days! Ofsted were the first to visit under the New Framework in January of 2012, closely followed by a SIAS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools). Judged from Good to Outstanding in all categories.:

Most of all, we pride ourselves on being inclusive; a neighbourhood school, open to all. See our new Admissions Policy or simply give us a ring and we’ll show you around.

Mrs. Booth