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Students / Uniform

Dear Parents/Carers

The Venerable Bede Church of England Academy has a uniform policy, which has the full support of the Academy Council. Details of the uniform are shown below.

We believe that uniform plays an important role in the school ethos. Pupils need to be suitably dressed for the working day. A smart appearance helps to maintain high esteem in the community. Pupils must wear a blazer at all times and will need a sensible coat for inclement weather.

No logos are to be displayed on items of clothing. Tracksuit tops, hoodies and denim jackets are not allowed. Trainers, trainer socks and boots are not allowed.
Black school blazer with school badge*
Black tailored trousers (boys)
Purple tartan skirt (knee length, two styles available)^^ or black tailored trousers (girls)
Plain white collared shirt with long or short sleeves (school polo shirts* can be worn from Easter until the summer)
School tie^^
Plain black or grey 'V' neck school jumper or cardigan
Formal plain black shoes (no logo or coloured stripes) with plain black socks (boys)
Formal plain black shoes (no logo or coloured stripes) with plain black or white socks or plain black opaque tights (girls)
Canvas/leather 'Converse' type shoes or plimsolls are not allowed.
Outdoor coats should preferably be black, navy or blue.
PE and Games Kit
School rugby top*
Purple school polo shirt with badge*
Plain black knee length socks
Training shoes (no boots or plimsolls)
Black football shorts - boys and girls (no logos)
Black games shorts (boys)
Black games shorts or black kilt style games skirt (girls)
Black tracksuit bottoms (no logos)
Items marked with an asterisk (*) are only available from the following approved suppliers:
> Little Gems, 259a High Street West, Sunderland, SR1 3DH
> Michael Sehgal & Sons Limited, order on line at, by phone on 0191 230 2320 or Schoolwear Superstore, 28-40 Scotswood Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE4 7JB
^^Note: Our school skirts and ties are only available from Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd.
No jewellery other than a watch (no SMART watches) may be worn. Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed including false nails. Hair accessories for the girls (e.g. headbands, slides, bobbles etc.) must be black. Hair may be worn no shorter than a No. 2 haircut and extreme hair styles (e.g. bleach blonde/coloured/shaved patterns etc.) are not acceptable.
Earrings - no piercings are allowed. If pupils wish to have piercings, this must be arranged at the beginning of the six weeks holiday to allow healing. Any piercings are a potential health and safety risk. 


Addendum Summer 2016:

Black, plain, formal shoes which can be polished (no logos or coloured stripes) with black socks for boys
or Plain, black shoes (no logos or coloured stripes) with plain black or white socks or opaque tights for girls.
Please note that boots, plimsolls and trainers including leather Converse are not allowed.

Shoes of the type illustrated below are also now permisible for girls -

Footwear Types -


All pupils have lockers available to them to store their coats, bags, change of footwear and to store Mobile Phones.